To create an account either download the GENIE mobile app (Android or iPhone) from the iStore or Google Play buttons on our home page or click the sign up button to register online. When downloading the app or registering online, you will just need to enter an email login and password.  GENIE will then send you an email or text registration confirmation message.  Follow instructions to confirm your account.  YOU’RE REGISTERED.  Open the app on phone or desktop to set preferences.  If for any reason you do not get the email confirmation, check your spam folder.  The message will be there.

Set your preferences
The first time you open the app, it will load default settings and populate content in the default zip code.  PLEASE EDIT you zip code to see offers in your area.  If you travel, you may CLICK "Local Offers".  The app will look 15 miles around your area and pull any active offers into your app to see and use.  This will not affect your primary zip code setting.  You may also adjust the radius to pullin offers farter away from you location.

Select your Genie Categories
Our default setting selects all categories to show you all the offers in your radius.  You then can unselect or reselect categories as you wish.  We recommend you SAVE ALL categories from time to time to pullin new merchants and new coupons near you.  ONLY ACTIVE coupons in your set radius will populate your app.  After changing categories you must select SAVE when complete.  When changing categories it may take as much as 90 seconds to load all new promotions due to the volume of data that is loading.  The time to load may also be affected by poor signal or limited bandwidth.  

Notification Settings
Our default setting is to show all your offers in your dashboard for you to view at anytime.  You may turn on the Email, Text or Push notification feature.  We update offers in the application twice per week for any new offers to populate the categories.  The app also updates all categories every time you open it.  We also use bluetooth notifications to alert you when you are near a My Coupon Genie active coupon.

View your Offers
You may view offers in dashboard or list view.  You have all your preferences set, you will then have the ability to browse offers Genie has found for you.  We will on occasion send you email alerts and/or push/sms alerts if you have enabled them.  Genie will always be looking for new offers for you.  

Load your Loyalty Cards
Within the GENIE app, you can load in your loyalty cards into our system.  You select add card, enter in the card name and enter in the number associated with the card.  This is usually under your barcode on the card.  We will automatically generate a barcode which you can use at registers which are part of our national network.  Some companies do not have updated hardware to read the barcode from a digital screen.  Updated scanners have no issues reading them.  If this occurs, you still have the loyalty card number associated with the card to present.  No more need to carry multiple cards in your wallet, let GENIE do it for you.

When viewing your offers, some offers will have the save to wallet option, some offers will have the buy now option, some will have both options.  You have the ability to save them into your wallet and present the offer at the register to redeem, or complete a purchase right from the GENIE app.  All purchases are saved in your wallet to recall at anytime.  If you purchased the offer from the app, the offer will show as a paid receipt and the vendor offering the offer will also have notice of your paid purchase.  In that case, you show your receipt at time of purchase.  Notice your receipt just shows your member ID protecting your identity.  If you saved to wallet and present the offer at the register, the clerk will ask you for your GENIE member ID, Email, or Phone number to identify you using the GENIE offer.  You must save to wallet to redeem the promotion at the register for the vendor to redeem. 

We can award points to GENIE members for refering other members and sharing offers.  The larger our membership becomes, the more offers, discounts, and rewards we can give to our membership.  Our rewards will be targeted to build loyalty to GENIE, loyalty to our vendors who give us offers to promote and reward you. See our rewards tab for current reward programs. The referral button in the GENIE app will assist you with referring others to our platform and track your rewards.  Our FaceBook app also makes it easy to refer others for your rewards.

Share Feature
Coming soon, you will have an option to share part of your saving from offers you redeem.

Local Offers Button
Press this button when looking for offers around you in your radius and GENIE will find sort offers that fit your categories and populate the app without you having to change your local zip code.

How to use coupons
When you see a coupon you like simply save to wallet and present at the checkout for redemption, or BUY NOW (if available on the offer).  If you BUY NOW, you insure you will get the deal.  This feature is used by a vendor when a limited number of coupons are offered.  Once you BUY NOW on your device or desktop, your receipt will show up in your wallet to present at checkout when picking up the item.  The Vendors all have a digital receipt of your purchase as well.

App not loading?
This can occur when you have a poor data connection.  It is possible to have a good phone signal with poor data connection.  GENIE checks for new offers, expiration dates, changes, new categories and more every time you open the app.  Because of the amount of data getting transferred, you need a strong data connection.  Connect to a wifi or check back when you have a better connection and it will load up properly.


On our contact us page from the desktop, just complete the screen and send or check the Talk to Genie button on the app and complete the form.

Email us at
Or call 877-230-9585